Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Topix: Soulja Boy Dating Diamond of Crime Mob??.....Knuck if you Buck Scrappy

What is Soulja Boy doing these days????? Other than filming for his new movie "Juice 2", where Soulja will take on the role of Tupac Shakur "Bishop". To make a long story short Soulja is now dating, for years we've seen Soulja in and out of the spot light but never have I seen him on the dating scene. That is until Diamond, former member of Crime Mob stopped dating Prince of the south Lil Scrappy........those two were under the radar. However on the flip side Soulja Boy Tell Em is doing exactly that, telling 'em......Soulja wants the whole world to know that he is coming back on the scene, AND dating Lil Scrappy's ex Diamond...I wonder what she's doing with her self these days other than an album that was supposed to come out last year, she has nothing going on other than her car getting repo'd & her house foreclosed on. Mmmm this not a going to end well Soulja boy and believe me it is going to end, can somebody please Tell 'Em sheeesh. One more thing who named Lil Scrappy Prince of the south????? I bet Soulja's bank account begs to differ I'm just saying..Check out these latest pics "Ciao"
You can tell Soulja hasn't had a girl in a minute

Look at that haircut I guess he really is preparing for his role in "Juice2"

Diamond and Lil Scrappy Prince of the South in happier times

Diamond @ King of Diamond's... that chair in the background is a dead give-away

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