Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hot Topix: To Hell With Planking, The New Ish is Owling, Yeah You Heard Me!!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen This just proves my point, and this is my blog so yeah.........Planking is just so old and yesterday's news, so please don't post any pics of planking anymore. The new shit is Owling, I'm gonna say it one more time Owling....the point I proved just two days ago (when images of this new craze hit the web) is that people will do anything they see. They can be broke as hell, no job, no house, no car, nothing good going for them but they will PLANK and OWL, our generation is losing it. Planking is not so offensive to me as it pertains to slavery but it is just so retarded that when I see people I know doing it, something inside me just wants to scream....because many don't even take the time to research something before they start to do it. I don't think Owling is going to offend anyone, there is no way this can be misinterpreted. SMDH

Check out these photos

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