Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston In Rehab & on Drugs AGAIN

That crack is no joke growing up in Brooklyn, NY seeing drugs running rampant around the streets I always new as a child that Crack shit is whack......why would you try that shit......I am kind of upset that music has lost another legend to the drug, well she isn't dead but her music career is. What??? its the truth ...........Whitney Houston according to her spokesperson confirmed today that Houston has relapsed and checked into a rehab facility. We all know the artist Whitney Houston is and has been fighting the addiction of drugs and alcohol for years. Whitney has been trying to revive her career for a few years her last attempt was in 09 with "I look To You" the artist has been on a few tours but that didn't go well, fans were complaining that she sounded horrible and could not sing. Oh don't let me forget to tell you Bobbie Christina was found a while back with a bag of cocaine. Bobby Brown tried to defend her on the Wendy Williams Show but I don't believe that BS.


WTF!! Ray J what were you thinking.
Bobbi Christina Smoking something...I'll let you decide

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