Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hot Topix: Hey Donald........Look at me now B*tch

President Barak Obama has Produced his birth Certificate after accusations from 2 years ago that he was not a US citizen...Donald Trump asked to see proof on national TV....well here's the proof....... whats next idiot???? Donald Trump was seen this morning in New Hampshire giving his own little bullshit confrence and the only thing he could say was “Oh, by the way, I don’t know if you heard? Did you hear?I am so proud of myself. I got this guy to release his birth certificate. I’m really, really happy. Now, we have to look at. We have to see is it real? Proper? What’s on it? But I hope it checks out beautifully. I am really proud. I am really honored.” Pompus ass

Boy I tell ya couldn't be me .......anywho check out the Press Conference

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