Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hot Topix: Nicki Minaj Releases a New Video "Super Bass" & gives Travis Barker Lap Dance on Stage

Sorry I been away for a few days but I been busy and I have a life too as much I love to give you the Juiice on your favorite Celebs, I gotta take take care of my business before the juiice runs dry. So after reading some of your emails I said let me get back to what I do best and what you all love. So anyway here is the first posting in 5 days. Leeegggooo

We have been waiting Nicki and Its about time Mz Minaj drops a new video for all her Barbies "Super Bass" Bonus track was just released on 106 & Park today. We all love Nicki Minaj and are really entertained by her work as a new and up coming artist this new video is very sexy and features Nicki doing a lot of dancing she is definitely showing off a more racy side of her. I'm not mad though she is using her
ASS-ets to get to the top and the top is where she is. I'm not sure if I'm feeling the hair and make-up for the last scene, you tell me HOT or NOT.....check out the video below.....don't forget to mute my play list "Ciao"

Check out Nicki Minaj Performing a lap dance on Drummer Travis Barker

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