Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hot Topx: Who is Teyana Taylor?? She goes hard in the paint for Chris Breezy

Who is Teyana Taylor ??? I remember seeing her on the scene a few years ago.. a rapper or something. Anywho here's the skinny on this chic. She assaulted a female during a studio session this past Saturday. She reportedly punched and kicked the girl in the stomach for passing smart remarks about Chris Brown....damn Chris you need her on your team.Officials told TMZ they were not able to speak with her she was gone when they arrived. Ha.... It looks like Teyana and Chris would make a great couple. The chic is hot though, she's been spotted with Drake and other stars. Check out these pics Enjoy.

Here is Teyana w/ Drake

Here she is with Rhianna.....Wait hold up a minute she needs to be mad at her ass..right? Im confused.

Teyana & Chris comparing Abs......she almost got you Chris

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