Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Topix: Royce Reed Sued by Baby Daddy Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic's

Royce, Royce, Royce.........I always thought Royce Reed from "Basketball Wives" was messy and the juiice I'm about to spill proves my point. Ok so we all know Royce as the Dancer from Basketball Wives right??? I couldn't understand why she was on the show "Basketball Wives" and has no kids from a basketball player nor was she married to one........WRONG, Royce Reed has a baby with NBA star Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic. The two have a child together, but Dwight Howard apparently isn't playing that shit....he had a gag order placed on Royce early last year that prohibits Royce from speaking to the press about their relationship or child. This lawsuit does not come as a surprise since Royce is know for running her mouth from coast to coast. A judge in Miami ordered Royce to pay up $500,000 to Dwight. She hasn't done that yet so Dwight is pursuing her in California as well.....damn. So does this mean Royce will not be on Season 3 of Basketball Wives?????? that's what it looks like to me allegedly they are looking for a replacement as we speak. Personally she has no business on the show anyway......Goodbye Royce.........Evelyn tried to tell you bout running ya mouth.

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