Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hot Topix: Beyonce vs. Rhianna....... Somebody "Ring The Alarm"

Mrs.Beyonce Carter, I'm starting to worry about you, you are so beautiful why are you worried about Rhianna? The two are still battling it out for Jay-Z, his attention that is, since Beyonce dropped her father as her manager like a hot potato last month. Beyonce is schedule to sign with Jay-Z's Roc Nation.........wait a minute isn't Rhianna with the same label? Yes she is, I wonder who will get the best beats and the best songs.............reportedly Beyonce is already starting to worry about the conflict of interest. Bey you ain't got nothing to worry about. Personally Rhianna can sing but Beyonce can sang if you know what I mean. Rihanna I smell trouble, she better start looking for another label before Beyonce "Rings the Alarm on that ass. I'm just saying. Check out these Pics Enjoy!!!!!! Cast your votes on who does The Sexy Black Dress Better
What do you think they're talking about?????Hmmmm

Ri Ri and Jay-z performing at a concert in London

Beyonce Sexy Black Dress

Rhianna Sexy Black Dress

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